A lower profile design that works with a large TV above the fireplace while retaining the look of a traditional fireplace       

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When selecting a stove or fireplace be sure to consider your lifestyle, access to fuel, and whether you want the unit for ambiance or the main source of heating for your home. Grizzly Fireplace is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and professional craftsmanship.  Visit the Grizzly Fireplace Project Center and let us help you select the fireplace or stove that's right for your home.  


Our expert team can transform your space to the warm and inviting design of your dreams. From stylish contemporary to rustic charm, we offer a wide array of options. Inquire about adding hardwood floors, accent walls, planked ceilings, or recessing your TV above the fireplace.





Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor event with our Special Event Fireplace. Let your guests unwind and converse around the warm flicker of light only a backyard fireplace can produce. Or have some fun and create a s’mores bar for guests to enjoy.

Our Special Event Fireplace is available for rent. The 72” outdoor fireplace is on wheels and set in rock and drift wood with a 3 color tile surround on all sides and steel top and uses natural gas or propane. Call to reserve for your next event.


Grizzly Fireplace is a local Missoula business proudly serving Montanans for over 30 years. Our custom beautiful fireplaces and premium industry products can enhance the warmth, comfort, and value of your home.  We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, high-quality work, and will answer all of your questions accurately and thoroughly. Our team of skilled and professional installers take pride in their work and adhere to all safety codes and manufactures guidelines. At Grizzly Fireplace we will take your vision turn it into a reality. 

- John Rice

Grizzly Fireplace Owner

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"I wanted to let you know the new propane stove is working great, my two brothers from Florida were here last week sleeping on blow-up beds and stuff in that main room where the stove is and although evening temperatures were only low 40's and upper 30's, that stove heated the entire space such that they had to turn it off each morning around 4-5am as it was becoming a furnace in there.  So even my thin-blooded brothers from Florida thought it was wonderful...


I am very happy with this specific stove and how nice the installation looks and is working!  Thank you Ryan for educating me and recommending that product, I couldn't be happier"

- Paul

"This is the best fireplace store in Western Montana. They can do projects from start to finish. Don't shop any place else but Grizzly Fireplace."

- Triston Shepard

"Very friendly customer service and best price in town!"

- Jacqueline Harper

"John is awesome and does fantastic work"

- Andrew Rose


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