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We’re a little different at Graysen Woods, we believe that in order to produce a quality product - you need to build it yourself. That’s why everything we sell is hand-built in our shop. Graysen Woods is commited to making sure that every outdoor kitchen, firepit, fireplace and hearth pad that leaves the shop lives up to the Graysen Woods name.

Graysen Woods was established in 2005 as a designer of quality, custom Outdoor Living structures. Our team of craftsmen and designers use only the best quality materials to make any inspiration and vision a reality. Our structures are not traditionally manufactured in an oversized warehouse with conveyer belts and assembly lines. We function on a more personal basis. Out of our workshop in Kent, Washington, our talented technicians produce each structure by hand. From the selection of materials to the process of measuring, cutting and welding, Graysen Woods produces truly one of a kind pieces. It is because of this meticulous attention to detail that we are able to stand by our products and promise a lifetime guarantee.

Our industry continues to change as the popularity and interest in outdoor kitchens and living grows. While we acknowledge that times are changing, bringing new products and design trends upon us, we embrace the new while holding firm to the fundamentals. We are proud to incorporate new products and appliances into our designs without jeopardizing the quality of our structures.

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