Heat Your Home in Style

If you are looking to add a cozy feel to your home, very few things do the trick quite like a wood burning fireplace. If you are looking to mimic that feel without all the hassle, Kozy heat offers their Roosevelt 29 gas burning fireplace insert that is designed to fir perfectly into almost any space. We are leading gas fireplace manufacturers with 45 years of experience in the industry. Here are some reasons our Roosevelt 29 is a great replacement to a traditional wood burning fireplace. Efficiency. One of the major drawbacks to wood-burning fireplaces is their inefficiency. With a gas burning fireplace, you do not have to worry about losing heat or not evenly warming your space. The gas mechanism for lighting the flame stays consistent and precise, allowing the fireplace to run at peak heat efficiency. Safety. With build up of soot and tar from previous burns, wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys require yearly check ups and cleanings. With gas burning fireplace inserts, you do not have to worry about the flames leaving their contained area, and the clean burn of the gas prevents build up of soot. A Clean Look. Despite their being a bit more of a rustic feel to an exceptionally old fireplace, with models like our Roosevelt 29 gas burning fireplace insert, you can achieve close to that same charm. Kozy Heat has custom shrouds to fit almost any fireplace hole so you can keep the look and charm of your fireplace and surroundings When you combine our Roosevelt 29 with our hand-crafted high definition logs and realistic flame, you’ll soon forget that old drafty fireplace that you once had. With multiple design options available, the Roosevelt can also be customized to match any décor, perfect for customers looking to add charm and a homey feel to their space.

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